Mortgages in the Netherlands

In the Dutch Mortgage Market, we find an increasing number of English-speaking specialists. Many of them specialize in the Risk domain IT and related fields. In our industry, we use a lot of international developed software. These developers and specialists need a basic understanding of the Dutch Mortgage Market to perform their jobs properly. That is why Hypsotech launched a new course in English on the Dutch Housing and Mortgage Market. This one-day training has the following topics:


Monday, March 30th 2020, from 09.00 – 17.00 hours


The Dutch Housing and Mortgage Market

We start the day with an outline of the Dutch market and current developments. We discuss the macroeconomic aspects; the players: the money lenders, the distribution system with brokers and the service providers; the development of house prices, mortgage interest rates and the effects of demographic developments. We explain the differences between the different models of mortgage providers in our market.

Mortgage Products

Currently, due to legislation, we issue mainly mortgages with at least an annuity repayment scheme. However, in the recent past, Dutch money lenders have issued a large variety of mortgage products. We will explain the different mortgage products and discuss the risks involved in mortgage portfolios. Both national and international legislation dominate mortgage products in the Netherlands. Therefore we will give an outline of the legislation and explain the effects on the Dutch mortgage industry.  

The Mortgage Process

We will look closely into the standard process model in the Dutch market. We will go deeper into the mortgage process from a consumer point of view and discuss all the parties involved: intermediaries, lenders, service providers, etc. Who does what in the process, where do they meet and where do they differ?

Data and Systems in the Dutch  Mortgage Chain

What systems are applied in the Dutch mortgage chain? What data is accessible? What is standardized and what data is available? What are the effects of PSD2 and the blockchain on the Dutch mortgage industry? We will cover these topics and more.


The objective of this one-day course is to give an overview of the Dutch Housing and Mortgage Market, to describe the key players and organizations involved and to outline the legislation. The course provides the participants with the necessary information and tools to be more successful in their roles. 


€ 995,00, excl. btw, incl. training material, coffee, tea, and lunch
Discount10% discount if you register at least 2 months in advance


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